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LeaderPsych: Applying Psychology to Leadership

What You'll Experience


Dr. Maple's signature program is a half-day seminar in which participants learn what psychology has to teach us about the art and science of leading people. 


The program is interactive and engaging.  Dr. Maple's insights, energy, and colorful examples make it easy to understand and remember the concepts.  

What You'll Learn

From the field of BEHAVIOR MODIFICATION, you'll learn how and when to use reinforcement, punishment, extinction,and shaping.  You'll learn how to use schedules of reinforcement to maximize your actions.

From the field of SOCIAL PSYCHOLOGY, you'll learn how best to meet the challenges associated with group decision making, brainstorming, persuasion, team-building, and conflict resolution.  You'll learn how best to motivate, communicate expectations,and stimulate altruism.

The content is highly actionable.  You'll begin using it that same day.  

How You'll Start

To start a dialogue with us about how this seminar can benefit your team, please use the Contact Us page to drop us a line and let us know that you're interested in Applying Psychology to Leadership.

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How many workplace errors occur because of miscommunication?  How many opportunities are missed? How many work relationships are aggravated?  Learn to communicate your meaning well and--just as importantly--how to ensure that you understand what others say to you. 

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